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Georgian Economic Climate (Q1, 2023)
Georgian Economic Climate (Q1, 2023)

The main findings of the survey of Georgian economists conducted in the first quarter of 2023 are:

  • The surveyed Georgian economists positively assess Georgia’s present economic situation.
  • Though their predictions for Georgia’s economic situation for the next six months are negative.
  • The surveyed Georgian economists’ prediction for real GDP growth for 2023, on average, is 5.5%.
  • Almost 83% of the surveyed economists think that Russia’s war in Ukraine currently represents a high or very high threat to the Georgian economy. Meanwhile, a skills mismatch was assessed as a very high threat by nearly half of the surveyed economists (44%).
  • One third of respondents (33%) think that the “GOG Vision 2030 - Development Strategy of Georgia” partially responds to the challenges and problems faced by Georgia but none of the respondents think that the strategy fully addresses them.
  • Regarding the EU Commission’s analytical report on Georgia’s alignment with the EU acquis, the majority of surveyed economists (75%) think that introducing improvements with respect to the environment and climate change mitigation in line with the EU acquis will be challenging or very challenging.